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Our Vision

We want to create a space that is free from judgement and provide a service that has everything a Client will need to achieve

their goals.

Our Coaching

The EMPOWERED Programme provides everything you need with 1-2-1 weekly support, personal training sessions and a motivating environment.

Our Community

You won't find a more fun PT environment to work with like-minded individuals, just ask our Clients! Working as part of a team is motivating, fun and offers that extra support to get you to your end goal.


Lucie has always loved moving and coaching others. Her journey began as a dancer but then transitioned to strength training and group fitness classes with a goal to lose body fat and feel strong, empowered and happy in her own skin.

Lucie is truly passionate about coaching other to become the best she can be. She has an empathetic style of coaching and helps clients build self belief to achieve great results both in and out the gym.

When she's not coaching you will most likely find Lucie in a coffee shop eating banana bread, or having a nap.


Ash started training over 10 years ago, initially with the focus to gain weight and build muscle.


His love of helping others, attention to detail and creativity translates into his coaching style giving Clients an environment to succeed and push themselves to levels they didn't think were possible.

Matching his passion for training, is his passion for food, working his way through every restaurant in Sussex.


Meg has amazing knowledge and experience when it comes to working with clients and specialises in strength training.


Aside from her love of doughnuts and dogs, her biggest passion in life is helping clients reach their full potential.

As a level 4 personal trainer, she loves coaching them not only through their physical goals but improving their mental health.