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Before joining the programme Michael never really considered himself to be very strong and lacked confidence in himself and his ability to lift weights. Since working with us, Michael’s confidence and knowledge has sky rocketed. We’ve taken time to build up his technique and strength and he’s now lifting heavier than he ever has before (hello 120kg deadlift


Nicola came to us to work on her confidence and mindset. She has built confidence in her ability and is consistently challenging and surprising herself in the studio with what she is truly capable of lifting. One of her biggest wins is making her training part of a consistent routine, creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle, whilst managing a fast paced busy job and looking after her young famil


Since working with us, Matthew's body shape has completely changed. He has lost body fat and gained a shed load of muscle. The best part is he has heaps more confidence in himself.

Real People.

Real Results.

We work with clients on all aspects of their health and wellbeing. Not only do they achieve their fitness goals, but they feel more confident, have a better understanding of their body and nutrition, more energy and .